Wednesday, February 6, 2013


While most people were watching some sort of sporting event and gorging themselves on snacks and commercials, we attended an event at the New Mexico State Fairgrounds. This annual car show, called the Super Nationals, brings together high quality show cars, out-of-control customs, antique vehicles, muscle cars, hot rods, and everything else you can think of. I've attended this event seven times, and while some of the vehicles are familiar they're always a treat to see.
There were far, far too many cars worthy of capturing, but we managed to get a choice selection; today-the muscle cars!

We didn't even have to enter the show before we started seeing total gems, like this stingray Corvette.
Badass bandit Trans-Am
Well restored Coronet
One of my favorite muscle cars, the Challenger.
Also in Plum Crazy purple.

A nice selection of Mustangs and Corvettes were also on display.

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