Monday, February 18, 2013

The Supernationals: The Uncategorized

Some vehicles just don't fit into any one persons neat categories on how cars are separated, specifically my categories. A person could argue that these should already have been included in previous posts, but I just wasn't convinced. Regardless of my naming doubts they are all cool cars.

Starting with the DeTomaso Pantera, one of those beautiful and unexpected unions that come from automobile history, DeTomaso (an Italian auto-maker) bought Ford V8s for their super-cars. The mid-engined beauty before you was the result. 

DeTomaso also made a car called the Mangusta (Italian for mongoose), a fine example of which can be seen as Bill's car in Kill Bill v.2.

We don't see very many open-wheeled racers around here.

Very low lowrider, with satin black paint and bitchin' flames, it needs two zip codes for registration.

Cool and classic Bronco outside the show.

I'm a big fan of El Caminos, they are just so much fun.

This is a fun little beach-cruising VW Bug, with an antique air conditioner on the window.

 And it came with an even better accessory, a slammed, low-riding, hot rod wagon. It has a shifter handle and side pipes with chrome tips.

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