Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Supernationals: Customs and Classics

Even more of the massive collection of cool cars from The Supernationals, featuring the classic sedans of coupes of yesteryear, like this 1937 Buick:

Originally a businessman's sedan, the owner has clearly restored the paint and interior, and added some flash under the hood in the form of chrome and modern electrics.
Just around the corner from the Buick was this gorgeous AC Cobra:

 In miles deep black with perfect red stripes, faux hub-bolt rims and side pipes, this Cobra is the epitome of racing cool.

Just check out that gauge cluster, and the fire extinguisher in case the gauges have bad news.

 The only thing I could possibly take exception to on an exceptional vehicle like this is the (in my opinion) questionable mural on the door panel. It's not my taste; but then, it's not my car either.

There were a number of attractive restorations and mild customs as well:

This Ford was something of a mystery, the chrome says Galaxy, but the tag said Fairlane, I believe it to be a Galaxy.

But the hardtop convertible caused some debate, I believe this to be a custom feature, while my compatriots thought it to be a stock setup. With no one willing to risk losing the argument we never did any research into the matter.

The vehicle is a killer example of 60s cool either way.

1947 Chevrolet 

1937 Ford Roadster

Bel Air wagon

Very custom Ford pickup

1960s Bel Air

Customized Cadillac

1955 coupe deville

Fun beach cruiser VW Bug

Ford Victoria

Past and Future classic

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