Friday, March 15, 2013

And Now, a Coincidence

Hilariously, I also went to Madrid last week separately from that other guy that posts here.

Much of the population stepped out of the 60s directly into Madrid, and many brought their cars with them.

 I think this is a Nova II from the mid 60s.

I also trespassed on someone's property and saw this thing. Someone who knows more than nothing about these should probably tell me what it is. I believe it said "Shadow" on the tank.

The setting was so perfect I couldn't resist doing a doctored version of the photo.
Before anyone asks. No, I did not use Instasham.


  1. I wanted to go back and check out the bike as well, but it was surrounded by Appalachian-style shacks which discouraged me. If it said 'Shadow' it's a Honda, which would explain the tightly packed cooling fins that were puzzling me.

    1. Its true, I did fear for my life a bit walking back there.